Joseph Schreiner's Web Site on Ethics Decision Theory, Ethics Game Theory, Ethics Simulation, Evolutionary Ethics, Group Ethics, and the Prisoner's Dilemma
Welcome to my web site about ethics decision theory, ethics game theory, ethics simulation, ethical dilemmas, and evolutionary ethics. With you, I would like to explore how ethical rules can be used to make decisions about our encounters with other people, and the consequences of those decisions. I present a brief summary of the field, the unique niches that I am exploring, and the results of some of my simulations.
There are three threads to this site, with each thread assuming that you are minimally acquainted with the previous thread:
1) The Prisoner's Dilemma. This is the standard 4-outcome model on which almost all current ethical game theory is based. 2 players have but 2 choices each in playing this game.
2) My research simulating individual decisions. Players may have anywhere from 2 to 4 choices per encounter. The number of possible outcomes is far greater, and we can statistically examine non-linear effects.
3) My research involving group membership. Players are now members of groups, and the structures of these groups influence the choices they make.
Joseph Schreiner